Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mantel Decorating Insperation

Monday, November 14, 2011

Christmas Doors & Porches - Some Beautiful Ideas

I love the red door at Christmas time.
Source: via Brittany on Pinterest

Lots of silver & gold Christmas decotations

Doors with bows tied as gifts. Very cute easy Christmas decoration.
Source: via Shaylen on Pinterest

Red & green for Christmas.

I'm convinced, I need to paint our front door red. Looks good any time of year & works well for Christmas & the Forth decorating.

Very pretty Christmas decoration, all natural.

Simply beautiful Christmas decorations

What can I say. The red doors have it in my book. :)

Source: via Laura on Pinterest

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ocean Life Photography

The photo below is why I want to learn to dive. The photo above - not so much...

Hello their!!!

What is mom saying?

Sea Anemone



Saturday, November 12, 2011

Beautiful Winter Photos

Frozen Bubbles in the Canadian Rockies.

 Forest glow in the winter.

Frozen water
Source: via Peg on Pinterest

More frozen water, from waves & wind
Source: via Peg on Pinterest

Paris in Winter

Winter Wedding Decor

Frozen Multnomah Falls

Christmas Trees

These are some beautiful photos of Christmas trees. I found these Christmas tree photos on the internet, Pinterest or just Google. Love all these ideas for decorating.

Can't decide what colors to decorate your Christmas tree...

What a fun red & white decorated Christmas Tree. so cute.

Blue & silver with lots of lights, Pretty.

Another red & white Christmas tree.

Kitchen theme decorated Christmas tree.
Source: via Pam on Pinterest

I've herd of hanging Christmas trees. Here's a ornament only Hanging Christmas tree. That's a different idea!!

Lollipop decorated Christmas tree. Sooo cute!!!

And yet another red & white decorated Christmas tree. This one is in a log cabin & looks beautiful.

Blue Christmas tree. Not something I would think to do, but it s beautiful..
Source: via Gwen on Pinterest

A non- Christmas tree, made with lights, always good for outside.

Decorated ladder Christmas tree. How fun is this!!!
Source: via P on Pinterest

Oh Christmas Tree, oh Christmas Tree

White decorated Christmas tree

Great Christmas Tree Display

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