Crazy Car Designs

You asked for it, I got it. Crazy cars!!! It’s ALL the rage now, huh?
Roll out the barrel! Haha!

The Good: No more banging the car door against other cars in the parking lot! The Bad: If someone rear-ends you and you aren’t buckled in…..

This one is best followed by the “dog” car. What a design, though. Must have taken some heavy-duty technical expertise from the Houston web design gurus to get this one right….

*Some* people would accuse me of driving such a car…

Just plain weird.


Uhhhh what is it? The Blob?

I’ve always wanted to drive a Chia Pet. Hey, you could also snack on something green while in traffic.

This one must have a magnet for an engine. Hold on to your refrigerator magnets, people, lest this car slurp them up while it goes down the street!

The Barbie car. Or, Maureen Dowd car.

This one helps alleviate the “bugs splattering on the windshield” problem.

A popular model for Third World countries.


I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did. :D What’s your favorite?

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